The river

19. of April 2018

We never had experienced a higher level of the river since we moved here. This is spectacular and exiting and also fearing of course. Our homes are located directly in front of the river bank and can be flooded easily. The historical jetty is now surrounded by water and people from everywhere taking pictures of these naturally powerful bodies of water every day – also checking if it is getting higher.

How powerfully is the water becoming in the end?

Spring feelings

This season, when buds suddenly sprout everywhere, is always the most impressive. I love it when almond blossoms in white and pink spray their honey scent. When apricots and peach trees bloom in pink and you can hear bee humming.
Life awakens and shows all its colors. On the trails, you can enjoy the beauty of nature and listen to the merry singing of the songbirds.

New upcoming events

Screen Shot 2018-02-24 at 10.06.31 PM
X Cursa de Muntanya la Cameta Coixa
11 de Març 2018
Campionat de Catalunya de Curses per Muntanya Individual 2018.

A la població de Miravet des de fa 10 anys, s’organitza la cursa per muntanya  “la Cameta Coixa” que és la III del Circuit de Curses de Muntanya de les Terres de l’Ebre. Els paisatges, la història i la natura es donen la mà per oferir-vos un recorregut que és fa difícil d’oblidar.

Aquest ja és el tercer any que  la cursa absoluta forma part de les curses de la FEEC, aquest any serà  el Campionat de Catalunya Individual.

La sortida es realitzarà des de l’interior del castell de Miravet, un dels monuments més coneguts i ben conservats de Catalunya, essent un dels millors exemples d’arquitectura romànica de transició, religiosa i militar, de l’Ordre del Temple a tot Occident, amb més de 900 anys d’història.
Des d’aquest monument únic, recorrerem els camins i senders recuperats dels nostres avantpassats, baixarem fins al riu Ebre recorrent el bosc de ribera pel camí de sirga i passarem pel pas de Barrufemes, d’on pujarem fins al punt més alt de la cursa on hi ha una talaia àrab que controla el curs fluvial i tota la ribera.
En una petita part del recorregut, per no perdre les senderes tradicionals, s’han obert nous trams per fer una cursa sense trepitjar cap camí asfaltat.


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Cycling – Fiestas – Fishing – Climbing – Wine-Tours – Beaches –

Mountain-Hiking – Bird-Watching – Scenic-Drives and more ….

The green way or via verde, follows old railway tracks. The old lines have now lost their rails, and what was once the domain of wagons and locomotives is the realm of cyclists, walkers and day-trippers. Being flat and even, they provide no technical difficulties – ideal for all kinds of people: adults, children, and the elderly and disabled too.

Fiestas are an essential part of life in Spain and Catalunya. No matter what month you visit, there is usually something happening in the villages and towns.

Catfish and carp fishing are the main interests on the River Ebro and here, in the Lower Ebro Valley, Catalunya, the fishing is perfect for the serious angler.

The Ebro Delta is a wetland of international interest for bird life, as it serves as a resting and wintering place, as well as being a breeding ground for many species. So rich and varied is the bird life here, thanks to this, that some 300 different species have been observed in the Delta.

You will be spoilt for choice with a coastline filled with wide sandy beaches washed by crystal clear shallow waters. So if you like the idea of soaking up the sun on fine golden sand or watching the kids play in the safe waters, it is just 40 min by car.

Or….. just enjoying the beautiful landscape…..