Miravet is one of the most charming villages in Catalonia. Miravet is located in the Southern province of Tarragona around 1h30 from Barcelona by car and only 45 minutes from Reus international airport.

One of the most important tourist attractions is the Templar castle. This medieval castle of Miravet is one of the best conserved fortresses in Europe and the largest defensive castle in Catalonia as well as the best example of medieval military structures in the West. In fact, the castle was originally built by the Arabs before the Templars took it in 1153 during the Spanish Reconquista and re-structured to transform it into the most colossal and inaccessible Christian military base. In fact, the impregnable castle of Miravet was in the early medieval times on the border between the Arab world (South) and the Christian kingdom (North). The Templar castle of Miravet is one of the key monuments in Catalonia not only because of its impressive structure, location and Romanesque art but also because of the role it has played in the history of the country.

The Templar castle of Miravet is very well-conserved. You will enjoy admiring the walls, the inner enclosures (wine cellar, storerooms, stables, refectory, bedrooms, etc) and the medieval architecture.

There is much more to discover! You´ll find the single naved and basilica-shaped 13th Century Romanesque church, with barrel vault and semicircular apse and of course, the magnificent views over the Ebro valley and the breath-taking landscapes. Driving to Miravet, you should not miss the historical ferry across the river Ebro (the last one of its kind). The ferry is powered only by the river current. As you cross the river at a leisurely pace you have a chance to take in the beautiful views of the Miravet skyline.

Miravet is also renowned for its traditional pottery. From vases to souvenirs, lose yourself in the Catalan art traditions and bring back a piece of Miravet with you. And don´t miss the fiestas and sport events, they are well organized by the townhall of Miravet and a highlight of your trip. Miravet is indeed one of the most charming villages in Catalunya. So if you want to discover a really typical and picturesque Spanish village then you must visit Miravet.